As the COVID19 pandemic becomes more serious and there are more restrictions on leaving your home, please know that we are venturing into the world of telemedicine, basically a videochat with your doctor! These will continue to be billed through your insurance company, so copays will be collected just as if you physically came in for an office visit, and self-pay patients will be billed according to our pre-existing self-pay fee schedule. If it is determined during the visit that the doctor wants to physically examine your child, then the telemedicine visit will be bundled with the in-person visit. However, if you are unable to make it to the office after the telemedicine visit and you go to an urgent care, then we will not be able to bundle the same payment. What are some reasons to schedule a telemedicine visit? Allergies, skin infection, pink eye without fever, runny nose/cough without ear pain, anxiety/depression, ADHD follow-up, behavioral problems in school, and constipation to name a few ideas.  We will still need to see you in the office to evaluate throat pain/ear pain/pink eye with fever, WORSENING cough, any illness that requires testing of some specimen, asthma symptoms ... you get the idea. Physical office hours are now from 8:30-2, and we are no longer closed for lunch. These hours may continue to be adjusted. Note that telemedicine appointments can be scheduled during physical office hours TO TAKE PLACE LATER IN THE DAY.  We are continuing to fine tune the actual logistics so this is a continually evolving framework. Our in-office appointments are still being separated with all the well visits in the first part of the day, and all the sick patients starting only after ALL wells are done, and we are having patients wait in their cars in the parking lot until a nurse and an exam room is immediately ready for them so that our waiting room is empty. The entire visit may be done by the doctor in the patient's car if there is any cough. Hang in there! Together we'll make it through stronger!


Welcome to Dr. Cevey's pediatric practice!

Here at Cevey Pediatrics, we strive to offer you and your children the mom-and-pop feel of an old-fashioned solo practice in the setting of a modern, technologically-updated office.  We look forward to taking care of your children through the years for their well checks, sick visits, and shots.  Welcome to our accessible, family-oriented, and medically current practice!

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