Flu shots and FluMist (the nasal flu vaccine spray) are available! Who is eligible to get which kind of flu vaccine? You should not get the FluMist if you are less than 2 yrs or more than 49 years old, if you have ever had an allergic reaction to the FluMist vaccine or any of its ingredients, are on chronic aspirin or aspirin-containing therapy, have a recent history of recurrent wheezing or other evidence of suboptimally controlled asthma, are otherwise immune-compromised, or are currently sick with symptoms possibly consistent with COVID19. You should not get the flu shot if you are younger than 6 months old or have ever had an allergic reaction to the flu shot or any of its ingredients or are currently sick with symptoms possibly consistent with COVID19. PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE NO WALK IN SHOTS THIS YEAR DUE TO COVID19!!!! Instead, please call to schedule coming in for a flu shot. APPOINTMENTS will be available to our patients and their guardians to come into the office to get flu vaccines THROUGHOUT THE NORMAL BUSINESS DAY MONDAYS THROUGH THURSDAYS but ONLY UNTIL 3 PM ON FRIDAYS so that we can make sure our inventory is accurate. OUR MOBILE SCANNER IS NOW UP AND RUNNING FOR  CURBSIDE shots/Mists for our patients and their guardians as supplies allow on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS FROM 8:30-12NOON AND FROM 1:45 PM TO 4:15 PM. As you know, the parking lot for our building wraps around the building like a U. The part of the parking lot on the side of the building that faces Home Depot has 2 parking spots that we have designated for Cevey Pediatrics patients. These spots are where many of our non-well appointments are being done, but if one or both of the spots is/are available you can park there and call the front desk to let us know you are here for your flu vaccine and how many people in the car will need shots and/or Mists, and the nurse will come to your car to do the vaccines. Curbside vaccinations can only be done on patients who do not need to be restrained to get their vaccines and who don’t need to get a shot in their leg because their arm is too small. If there is any doubt, make an in-office appointment for the vaccine. Health experts emphasize that getting a flu vaccine this year is even more important than in previous years due to the COVID19 pandemic.

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Here at Cevey Pediatrics, we strive to offer you and your children the mom-and-pop feel of an old-fashioned solo practice in the setting of a modern, technologically-updated office.  We look forward to taking care of your children through the years for their well checks, sick visits, and shots.  Welcome to our accessible, family-oriented, and medically current practice!

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