To Our New Patients

Dr. Cevey is a network provider on most private insurances through employer groups.  We may not be a provider on health insurance purchased through the Exchange or through a private broker/agent.  Please check with that insurance to see if we're a participating provider.


We immunize according to the recommended ACIP/AAP schedule and will dismiss patients who do not stay up-to-date on the schedule for DTaP and MMR.


As of 10/2/2018, we are temporarily capping our acceptance of new patients that are not siblings of existing patients with the exception of the families who already had prenatal visits or already submitted paperwork in Aug/Sept 2018 with expected due dates in October, November, and January.  This is to be able to accommodate well visits and sick visits in a timely fashion of all our existing patients.  Once enough patients graduate, we will open up again to new patients.